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March 2017 Edition

Welcome to Goal Post, our monthly newsletter highlighting Together 2 Goal® and the latest campaign news and updates.

This month, we’re celebrating the first anniversary of the Together 2 Goal® campaign launch. As we reflect on our successes in the inaugural year, we realize it would not be possible without the participation of 150 AMGA members, the support of six corporate collaborators, and the engagement of 10 nonprofit partners and supporting organizations. Thank you for your ongoing collaboration!

Highlights of our first year included:

  • Launch event featuring world champion boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, attended by more than 700 AMGA members and supporters (pictured above)
  • Campaign enrollment and participation by 150 AMGA members committed to improving care for 1 million people with Type 2 diabetes by 2019
  • Campaign Toolkit release highlighting tools and resources from 10 participating AMGA members
  • Monthly campaign webinars led by experts on 12 different topics related to diabetes management
  • Quarterly data reporting by nearly two-thirds of campaign participants, showing improvements in A1c control, blood pressure control, medical attention for nephropathy, and the bundle of measures since the baseline report (note: the campaign will release improvement statistics in its next round of data reporting)
  • National Day of Action reaching 4 million Americans thanks to “actions” by more than 200 participants working to empower the nation to improve diabetes management

Questions about Together 2 Goal®? Please reach out to your Regional Liaison or email together2goal@amga.org.

-The Together 2 Goal® Team
Upcoming Dates

March 16: Monthly campaign webinar on Minimally Disruptive Medicine and Diabetes (register here)

March 22-25: AMGA 2017 Annual Conference

March 31*: Blinded, comparative data reports sent to participating organizations (*note: date has changed to accommodate Annual Conference activities) 

Campaign Spotlight

This month, we’re celebrating the incredible diabetes management efforts across the nation led by Together 2 Goal® participants. Click below to see if your organization is included as a:

  • Together 2 Goal® measure leader
  • C.O.R.E. Program selection
  • 2017 AMGA Foundation Star

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Resource of the Month

Have you exemplified leadership in improving diabetes care since joining the campaign? Has your organization displayed a commitment to the Together 2 Goal® campaign goal, driving measureable results among patients with Type 2 diabetes? If the answers are yes, your organization is what we call a Goal-Getterand we want to hear from you!

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