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June 2020 Edition

This month, we’re pleased to share a new resource tailored to COVID-19: the American Diabetes Association (ADA) COVID-19 webpage for healthcare professionals. This webpage is a hub of information to help you best serve your diabetes patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Resource highlights include:

  • ADA COVID-19 Webinar Series – Tune in to hear healthcare leaders discuss a variety of pressing topics such as caring for vulnerable populations, clinician self-care, the impact of diabetes on youth, diabetes technology, and how to safely reopen practices after quarantine.
  • Live Virtual Events * – Join live town halls and weigh in on issues including inpatient care, advocacy efforts, and health disparities.
  • COVID-19 and Diabetes Discussion Forum * – Engage with others, ask questions, and share advice in a community of more than 20,000 members.
  • Special Podcast Series: COVID-19 & Diabetes – New episodes will be released each week discussing the latest information and recommendations for treating diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

*ADA membership may be required to gain full access to certain live events and/or discussion boards

We encourage you to use these resources to learn from experts and collaborate with others on the front line. We hope that you stay healthy and safe during this challenging time.

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Upcoming Dates
June 18: Monthly campaign webinar on the Cardiovascular Benefit of New Diabetes Medications (Register)
July 15: AMGA webinar on Understanding High Risk Coronary and Peripheral Artery Disease (CAD and PAD) Patient Populations at 2:00 p.m. ET (Register)
July 16: Monthly campaign webinar on the “Prediabetes Predictive Model – Delivering Patient-Specific Risk Estimates at the Point-of-Care” (Register)
Campaign Spotlight
Listen to best practices gleaned from our Innovator Track Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Cohort in a recording of an AMGA 2020 Annual Conference breakout presentation. In this pan el discussion, representatives from Geisinger, Sharp-Rees Stealy Medical Center, and Southwest Medical Associates discuss their approaches to reducing cardiovascular risk for their patients with diabetes while in the Cohort and share how they have maintained their efforts since the Cohort ended in June 2019.
Resource of the Month
The majority of at-risk Americans, including those living with diabetes, do not take their annual urine test . To help reach this population, has created a CKD Early Detection Service which allows patients to self-test in t heir own homes. Patients receive a test kit in the mail, take a picture with their phones, and the results are analyzed and made available immediately for a doctor to review. As a partner of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), encourages self-testing to improve adherence rates and help patients find out if they have CKD while there is still time to prevent a progression to kidney failure. The ability to test at home is of particular value during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering patients a viable alternative to an in-person encounter.
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