September 2020 Edition

The T2G Talk & Taste is back for our fifth and final T2G National Day of Action! The past two years we’ve asked you to assemble your diabetes teams and discuss best practices in diabetes care over a healthy meal. On Nov. 5, we’re encouraging you to gather for a final, celebratory T2G Talk & Taste. This year, we ask that your team comes together to watch a special T2G highlights video and celebrate your accomplishments throughout the campaign. We provide all the supporting materials in our downloadable T2G Talk & Taste kit, which can be tailored to both virtual and in-person events. The kit includes:

  • Participation guide
  • Annotated PowerPoint presentation (includes discussion guide)
  • T2G highlights video – This video will be available on our website on Nov. 1
  • Staff invitation template
  • Certificate template (for staff recognition)

If you can’t hold your T2G Talk & Taste on Nov. 5, then aim for any other day that week! Consult with your diabetes team to determine if your event should be in-person or virtual, then let us know when your team plans to participate — RSVP with your name, organization name, and T2G Talk & Taste event information. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this year!

Questions? Email us at together2goal@amga.org

Plank Mentor of the Month: Brian Shablin, M.D., M.S.

Campaign Plank: Use a Patient Registry

Dr. Shablin is a practicing internist and has been highly involved in quality throughout the Lehigh Valley Health Network. He is a member of the Quality Executive Committee, Quality Management Council, and several local diabetes initiatives. He has an M.S. in biomedical science and is a former database programmer. Contact Dr. Shablin  today! 

Upcoming Dates
Sept. 17: Monthly campaign webinar on Addressing Social Determinants of Health: Community Partnerships and Health Equity Strategies (Register)


Sept. 17 & 18 : AMGA’s 2020 IQL Virtual Conference (Learn More)

Sept. 25: Deadline to take the T2G fall survey (Take the Survey)

Oct. 15: Monthly campaign webinar on Optimizing Diabetes Care in Four High Volume Primary Care Clinics of Henry Ford Health System (Register)

Campaign Spotlight

Our final fall survey is here and we need your feedback! This brief survey (only seven questions) will take no more than a few minutes to complete and will provide valuable insights to our team. Help us glean what worked best from this campaign so we can incorporate best practices and lessons learned into the next one! Participate before the survey closes on Sept. 25. Please note that this survey is intended to collect feedback from T2G campaign participants only. If you are a sponsor, partner, or other campaign stakeholder, we welcome your feedback, but kindly ask you to provide it via email.

Take the Survey

Resource of the Month

The Know Diabetes by Heart Professional Education Podcast Series focuses on the link between cardiovascular disease (CVD) and Type 2 diabetes (T2D). The series consists of relevant, cutting-edge topics for providers working with T2D patients. The most recent episode, Evolving Care with COVID-19 for T2D Patients: Management, Telemedicine and Lessons Learned, focuses on recently broadened access to Medicare telehealth services so that beneficiaries can receive a wider range of health care services while at home. Check it out to hear more about these lessons learned during the COVID-19 era.

Learn More

As you continue to respond to COVID-19, AMGA continues to collect tools and resources from our medical groups and health systems. Valuable insights from the front lines are highlighted in discussions from our leadership councils. Recent discussion summaries from the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Council include topics such as updated visitor policies, alternative work hours, and preparing for fall flu clinics. Click the button below to learn more.
Covid-19 Resources

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