November 2020 Edition

The final T2G National Day of Action is almost upon us and the T2G Campaign Highlights Video is now available!

On Nov. 5, we’re encouraging you to assemble your diabetes team for a final, celebratory T2G Talk & Taste. This year, we ask that your team comes together to watch a special T2G highlights video and celebrate your accomplishments throughout the campaign. All of the supporting materials can be found in our downloadable T2G Talk & Taste kit, which can be tailored to both virtual and in-person events. The kit includes:
  • Participation guide
  • Annotated PowerPoint presentation (includes discussion guide)
  • T2G highlights video – now available!
  • Staff invitation template
  • Certificate template (for staff recognition)

There’s still time to organize your own T2G Talk & Taste event, even if you can’t hold it on Nov. 5. Consult with your diabetes team to determine an event date and format that works for you, then let us know when your team plans to participate. RSVP with your name, organization name, and T2G Talk & Taste event information. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this year!

Questions? Email us at together2goal@amga.org

Plank Mentor of the Month: Stephen Combs, M.D., CPE, FACFE, FAAP

Campaign Plank: Publish Transparent Internal Reports

Dr. Combs is board certified in pediatrics and has been practicing since 1995. He received his Doctor of Medicine, AOA, from East Tennessee State University and completed his pediatric residency at Duke University, where he served as chief resident. He is a certified physician executive and he completed the Executive Development Program at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.  Contact Dr. Combs  today! 

Upcoming Dates
Nov. 5 : Join us for the final T2G National Day of Action! (RSVP)

Nov. 19 : Monthly campaign webinar on Addressing Kidney Health in Type 2 Diabetes: Gaps between Guidelines and Clinical Practice (Register)

Dec. 1: Deadline to submit 2020 Q3 data ( Learn More )

Campaign Spotlight

Tell us your T2G story! As we near the campaign wrap-up in March 2021, we hope to gather insights from your experiences throughout the campaign. If you have success stories of improvement in your data, examples of overcoming challenges, tips for piloting new ideas, advice for optimal program expansion, or other best practices and lessons learned to share, let us know! Help us amplify your efforts by ensuring others learn from your hard work throughout this campaign. If there’s a part of your story you’d like to share, please contact the T2G team. 

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Resource of the Month

Last month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released t he Surgeon General's  Call to Action to Control Hypertension . This document summarizes recent data on hypertension control for all populations, identifies the 10 most effective strategies for achieving control, and provides recommendations to individuals and organizations that can improve rates of hypertension prevention and control. It also takes an in-depth look at factors that negatively affect hypertension control in minority populations. Explore the full document to learn more.

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As you continue to respond to COVID-19, AMGA continues to collect tools and resources from our medical groups and health systems. Click the button below to view current tactics and tools from members, our latest advocacy efforts, updated federal policies, and resources from payers and others. 
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