January 2021 Edition
As we enter the home stretch of the Together 2 Goal® campaign, we want to make sure you are aware of all the exciting upcoming campaign events and important deadlines scheduled in the coming months. We hope you will continue to participate in our regularly scheduled programming until the campaign ends on March 31, 2021. (We have an exciting line-up of topics and featured presenters for our final three monthly campaign webinars!) However, there are also a few important dates AFTER March 31 for you to be aware of, so mark your calendars now to make sure you don’t miss out!


Event Description


January monthly campaign webinar

This webinar will focus on the ADA 2021 Standards of Care with Dr. Robert A. Gabbay, M.D., Ph.D., FACP, chief scientific and medical officer at American Diabetes Association (ADA) as the featured presenter. Please note that this webinar is open to all AMGA members who are interested in attending!

Jan. 21

February monthly campaign webinar

This webinar will focus on campaign success stories and lessons learned, featuring presentations from high-performing T2G participants.

Feb. 18

Reporting deadline for 2020 Q4 data

This is the second to last data reporting deadline for campaign data.

Mar. 1

March monthly campaign webinar

This final campaign webinar will focus on wrapping up the T2G campaign, celebrating accomplishments, and previewing the next AMGA national campaign.

Mar. 18

AMGA Annual Conference

Join us for the virtual AMGA Foundation Celebration and T2G Campaign Wrap Event during the 2021 AMGA Annual Conference!

April 20-22

Reporting deadline for 2021 Q1 data

Since baseline data began in 2016 Q1, this final data reporting deadline completes the full five-year reporting period of the campaign.

June 1

Questions? Email us at together2goal@amga.org

Upcoming Dates

Jan. 11 : Abstract submission deadline for the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 2020 Scientific Sessions (learn more)

Jan. 21:  Monthly campaign webinar on the American Diabetes Association 2021 Standards of Care (register)

Feb. 18:  Monthly campaign webinar on campaign lessons learned (register)
Corporate Collaborator Spotlight

As the campaign comes to a close, we’d like to thank all of our corporate collaborators that have made the Together 2 Goal® campaign and extension possible. The Janssen Pharmaceuticals Companies of Johnson & Johnson have been involved with Together 2 Goal® since the campaign launch in 2016. Now, nearly five years later, they continue to support us as the Presenting Corporate Collaborator for the campaign extension. Because of this support, T2G has been able to provide a variety of unique offerings specific to the campaign extension, including the Toolkit Supplement, Webinars at Work, Plank Mentors, and enhanced resources like our interactive campaign planks. 

Thank you, Janssen!

Resource of the Month

Even though the relationship between obesity and the risk of Type 2 diabetes is well known, navigating weight conversations with patients can still be challenging . Body Mass Index (BMI): An Important Tool for Your Patients with Diabetes is a tool from the Janssen Pharmaceuticals Companies of Johnson & Johnson that provides a brief overview of BMI, explains current BMI quality measures, includes discussion points for BMI conversations with patients, and offers tips for talking to patients about achieving a healthier BMI. Consider using this tool to refresh your talking points around BMI before your next patient visit!

Learn More

As you continue to respond to COVID-19, AMGA continues to collect tools and resources from our medical groups and health systems. Click the button below to view current tactics and tools from members, our latest advocacy efforts, updated federal policies, and resources from payers and others.
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