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National Day of Action
April 2019 Edition

This month marks the beginning of our two-year campaign extension! Thank you to everyone who joined us for the official announcement at the Foundation Celebration at the AMGA Annual Conference last week. We are thrilled to share a number of new resources to support you as we embark on the extension:

  • Together 2 Goal® Campaign Toolkit Supplement. This resource includes 10 new, proven, practical tools from campaign participants, as well as four actionable insights from AMGA Analytics. While a digital version of the Toolkit Supplement is available now, campaign primary contacts can expect to receive a hard copy in the mail in the coming weeks.
  • Webinars at Work. Post-presentation worksheets are being developed for select monthly webinars to help organizations explore the practical applications of our webinar content. The February and March 2019 editions are already available on our campaign webinars page. Additional Webinars at Work will be developed for the May, August, October, and November 2019 campaign webinars.
  • Data Reporting Deadlines. The campaign measures are not changing for the extension, but you can find new data reporting deadlines through Q1 2021 in the data reporting section of our website. 
  • T2G Email Signature. Later this month, you will receive our brand new T2G email signature that you can use to promote your organization’s involvement in the campaign.

We would like to thank the Janssen Pharmaceuticals Companies of Johnson & Johnson – the Presenting Corporate Collaborator for the campaign’s extension phase – for making it possible for us to provide these resources and many others throughout the campaign extension.

Questions? Email us at together2goal@amga.org


Upcoming Dates

April 18: Monthly campaign webinar on the T2G Campaign Extension (register)

April 25: Advance Registration Deadline for the ADA 79th Scientific Sessions (learn more)

May 15: Deadline to enroll in the Medicare Advantage Best Practices Learning Collaborative (learn more)

May 16: Monthly campaign webinar on Mental Health Integration and Diabetes Management (register)

June 3: 2019 Q1 data due (learn more)

Campaign Spotlight

The Janssen Pharmaceuticals Companies of Johnson & Johnson has been involved with the Together 2 Goal® campaign since the launch and has now come on board as the new Presenting Corporate Collaborator for the extension. Thanks to their support, we will be able to provide new and enhanced resources and support to drive diabetes improvement over the course of the next two years. 

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Resource of the Month

Do you have a question about the extension, data reporting, or any other aspect of T2G? Reach out to your regional liaison! Our team has three regional liaisons: Lisa Cornbrooks, Carolyn McPhee, and Mallory Temple representing the east, central, and west parts of the country, respectively. Please refer to our regional liaison map to determine the region where you are located. Still not sure? Email together2goal@amga.org and the appropriate regional liaison will get back to you. 

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