National Day of Action

National Day of ActionNational Day of Action is our campaign’s annual observance and is held during the month of November, which is American Diabetes Month®. Through National Day of Action, we aim to mobilize medical groups and health systems across the country to take action to improve care for people living with diabetes.

November 7, 2019

Last year for our National Day of Action, we introduced the concept of the T2G Talk & Taste. Similar to a Lunch & Learn, this model mobilized groups nationwide to talk about diabetes improvement over a healthy meal. It was such a success that we are bringing it back again this year! On November 7, we’re encouraging you to assemble your diabetes team for another T2G Talk & Taste. This year, we ask that you watch a brief video Q&A from one of our 11 Plank Mentors and discuss its application with your team over breakfast or lunch. We’ll provide all the supporting materials and your meal is on us (up to $100)! Note only participating AMGA members are eligible for reimbursement.

1. Save the Date
If you can’t hold your T2G Talk & Taste on November 7, then aim for any other day that week and it will still count! Communicate the day and time with your diabetes team as early as possible to maximize attendance.

Let us know if your team plans to participate - RSVP with your name, organization name, and T2G Talk & Taste date.


3. Download the T2G Talk & Taste kit
We’ll provide you with a downloadable T2G Talk & Taste kit that will include:

Materials provided for the T2G Talk & Taste are intended for healthcare professionals treating patients with diabetes in a medical group or health system setting. However, we encourage all AMGA members as well as partners, corporate collaborators, and other campaign stakeholders to conduct their own T2G Talk & Taste events, using provided materials to spark conversation around their respective roles in supporting healthcare professionals to improve diabetes care.

4. Talk. Taste. Take a picture!
Enjoy your group discussion around improving diabetes care! Take a picture of your event and send it to us, along with a completed reimbursement form (included in the T2G Talk & Taste kit) and receipts by November 29 to receive reimbursement. While only participating AMGA members are eligible for reimbursement, we welcome photos from all T2G Talk & Taste events!

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