Enroll in Together 2 Goal®

AMGA Foundation invites all AMGA members to join our second Chronic Care Challenge initiative: the Diabetes: Together 2 Goal® campaign. Together 2 Goal® is the only national campaign that enables you to utilize proven tools and leverage data to advance your organization’s management of Type 2 diabetes.

Join fellow AMGA members in the Together 2 Goal® campaign to improve care for 1 million people with Type 2 diabetes - our ambitious campaign goal. Participation is complimentary to AMGA members. Enroll today here, and you’ll be fully equipped to launch campaign efforts with us in March 2016. Learn more in our campaign brochure.

No matter where you are on your journey, this campaign provides a tailored pathway for diabetes improvement. AMGF and the campaign will provide you with proven and practical tools and resources that incorporate the learnings of AMGA members.

To access these resources and formally enroll in the campaign, AMGA members must:

  • Identify key points of contact to lead campaign efforts

  • Implement at least one campaign plank (evidence-based care process)

  • Submit data on a quarterly basis (three data reporting track options are available)

How to Join Our Campaign

AMGA members can join the campaign by completing the enrollment form, available here. Participation is complimentary for all AMGA members. A complete roster of AMGA members is available here. For questions, please complete our Contact Us form.